Who’s Minding the Herd?

Who’s Minding the Herd?

At Bucknell Student Health (BSH), we understand the importance of and encourage our students to grow into independent adults. That journey takes time and effort and along the path we face obstacles, dangers, and many forks where decisions must be made. As the guidance and influence of your parents begins to fade, and you make more decisions for yourselves, we ask you to look out for and help each other.

To help the journey be safe, happy, and healthy, BSH reminds you to:


    • TALK about issues with people you trust…friends, family, advisors, professors, clergy, counselors, health care providers!


    • Name a DH (Designated Herder) when going out…this is someone who should remain sober, watch over, and intervene for the group


  • Protect your friends…step-in, speak-up, and/or call for help if you see someone is in trouble or danger is approaching

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